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Best of Voting Posts

Posted by PintofStout on November 6th, 2012

I was going to start posting select quotes and links to individual posts in the comments of a link to the category I put on Facebook, but I’ll just make a new post instead. So here are some of the greatest hits from the “Voting” category, listed chronologically form newest to oldest.

Political FootballIn our elections, our two-party system breaks down not into Democrats and Republicans – who the mindful observer can tell you are nearly the same party – but offense and defense.

Sacred Cow Tipping – From the last time Big Bird was the hunted:  Any cut in budget is going to get a rise out of whoever is losing that money, whether it be your local zoo’s librarian or the in-house commando employed by your local kindergarten. On the Queen Mary scale of things, these cuts are mere shouted farewells to the pier that aspire to be deck chairs. Yes, they are simply rhetoric, but effective rhetoric.

Ghosts in the MachineOur ideological armor, while making us feel nigh-invulnerable to inconvenient slings and arrows of paradox, mainly only gives us tunnel vision and greatly slows any progression toward our perceived destination.

 Chorus of Conformity If an actor is reading from a script they didn’t write, their voice wasn’t heard, even thought they were physically speaking.  So how does an election actually equate to voices being heard?  And whose voices?

We’ve Come So Far? – The institution of oppression is the same; changing the face, color, or gender of the institution won’t change its nature.

The Second Coming of Ron Paul – It would be a third coming now (the man is insatiable!): A more general answer is the focus of many mainstream libertarians recently on fiscal and entitlement policy; which, if the eyes are squinted just right, looks sort of, maybe, like the Republican Party – or their supposed platform, anyway.  Mr. Paul’s governing philosophy is refreshing (compared to other choices) in certain (not all) areas of policy-making to libertarians (like hanging out with ugly and dumb people to make one’s self look better or feel smarter by comparison), but does this deserve the reverence and fanaticism some of his followers are overcome with; fanaticism strong enough for previously avowed anarchists to attempt to confiscate the non-believing heretics’ libertarian credential cards?

No Votes for Non-Believers – From the first time Mitt ran. I had some fun with it: Opposition to non-belief drops off in the electorate with the Easter Bunny and further still for the Tooth Fairy (much to the disappointment of the P4PP).

Meanwhile, Down at the Crossroads…Strangely enough, the devil doing the dealing is always virtuous and honorable, if not deceitfully cunning, in that the contract is always enforced to the letter.In that regard, America would be better off dealing with the devil than voting in the coming year.

Stale as Office CoffeeOffice coffee smells like coffee in the little pre-measured pouch, aromatic and enticing, even hopeful.  It looks legitimately like coffee when it brews.  It even taste a little like coffee in the first few seconds of its existence.  But all hope is quickly dashed after having more than a taste, and all that remains is the weak bitterness of dashed hopes and the stale shame of being fooled again.  It reminds me of election years.

Of Other People, By Other People, For Other People – I must have been ticked off when I wrote this one:  Theoretically, a democracy would have the many owning the government and its actions, but in reality we own nothing.The only thing voters and citizens have control of is the curtain hiding the folks at the controls.

Liberal Descent or Open-Minded Liberals Have No Room for Dissent – A fun little parable or something: About the time I started paying attention, I hear A___ comment that she doesn’t really vote anyway and that I’m a conscientious non-voter.The Stranger stepped into the light at the corner of the bar and opened his Holy Book of Bad Arguments and prepared to quote prodigiously.

Tearing Down the Wall Between Church and State All these assumptions he makes regarding the nature of atheists are like Humpty Dumpty sitting on top of the imaginary wall built between church and state, dangling his feet over one side and completely ignoring what lies behind him.

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