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Law #4: Any Fool Can Make A Rule and Any Fool Will Mind It. –H.D. Thoreau

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Justice Is Blind – Or Has a Huge Blind Spot

Posted by PintofStout on 16th July 2009

In Cabaret Touches No-No Zone back in May, I told of an adult establishment shut down by police after a raid resulting in drug and theft charges. The club drew the attention of police after running into trouble for zoning violations concerning a banner hung outside the club and were under constant scrutiny thereafter. Two months later police officals are denying placing targets on any businesses.

In Cops Place No Targets On X-rated Businesses, Austintown Police Chief Bob Gavalier, the jurisdiction where the Go-Go Cabaret was located, remarked in the latest story, “…though no other adult businesses in the township are being targeted specifically, it’s important to keep eyes and ears open” (quote is from the article not a direct quote of Mr. Gavalier). No other businesses?  Seems like The Vindicator mixed up the headline.

So the tools used to close the business were not related to the nature of the business, but drugs, mostly. Does that mean other establishments wherein drugs are an issue should also be closed?  I’ll offer as an example Howland High School. From this 2001 Vindicator article: “Students think that high school teachers do not do enough to stop drug use in schools, according to an independent poll done by a Howland High School student.” This is the same accusation that closed Mr. Ricci’s business, yet schools continue to be open and recieve more and more loot from the government.  And children are forced to attend and be in that environment. Think of the children and close down the schools!

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The Dogged Determination of Our “Heroes”

Posted by PintofStout on 17th April 2009

This one hits close to home as it was first seen in my morning newspaper.

Rad Geek expounds upon 13 Shots to Kill a Puppy:

Officer Ryan Laatsch was already waving his gun around at the time, so instead he fired off 12 shots into the dog’s body. Then, apparently, he got up close and fired a 13th shot into the dog’s head at point blank range, in order to confirm the kill.

“Hero”:  I do not think that means what you think it means.

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Flashing Oncoming Traffic Can Expose You

Posted by PintofStout on 10th October 2008

How many times have you been driving on a highway and saw an oncoming vehicle flashing their headlights?  How many times did you slow down or use extra caution when you saw this blatant act?  To me, and to all other flashers I assume, this signal is a general warning to slow down and take caution.  It could be warning of an accident ahead, a breakdown, or an authoritatively painted car with lights on the roof and an overly-inflated ego overflowing from inside.  Whatever the need for caution, the gesture is a helpful one…and one not looked upon highly by police officers.

As this 2003 NPR story verifies, police and their partners in privateering don’t look highly upon drivers warning fellow drivers of the police presence.  Comments on this Car and Driver message board and certainly countless personal anecdotes attest to the parasitic, predatory nature of traffic police and police in general.  While some of the responses from officers on this forum are encouraging, there is also much to worry about from some others (this Google Search turned up several more police forums and some idiots on FindLaw).  Beyond the obvious safety vs. revenue argument for speed traps, there is also the blatant us vs. them attitude pervading the police community.  This attitude has resulted in the need for the “them” in that argument to adopt the same stance.  One of the comments on one of the above-linked forums says that police patrol highways to keep traffic moving smoothly.  I don’t see how this is possible if people violently slam on their brakes at the sight of a police car.  Apparently, the police sit or even hide on the side of the road like a cat waiting to pounce us to safety.  They remind of the modern highwaymen or highway pirates trying to spring on unsuspecting travelers to shake them down for profit.

The whole scenario points to a simple and fairly low risk counter-economics strategy.  By flashing your lights to warn oncoming traffic, you are taking money away from the state.  This neighborly act is like putting change in expired parking meters (also frowned upon by your local bullies in blue) or putting lanterns in the bell tower of a church.  Some flashers may not realize it, but by performing this simple warning they are slowly undermining the state.  The vast majority of people, I feel, would be in favor of this helping to keep others, even strangers, out of trouble with the police, but this sentiment is hardly ever recognized as the diminished authority  of the state in our minds.  Like bad-mouthing politicians and politics in general, somehow this never translates into the realization of the base premise at work here:  it is the State vs. Us, we are not the state and the state is not us.  Yet the indoctrination is still effective.  Wave a flag or encite a panic and everyone is running to the voting booth to hand off their sovereignty just as fast as they can…without being ticketed, that is.


Some random media that I like to associate with this post:

A video about a flasher: Here (NSFW – Language)

A poem about highwaymen with no connection to the post, except the blurring of the hero and villain: Here.

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Jackboots Are In This Season

Posted by PintofStout on 13th May 2008

Everyday one can find a news story about police brutality, police corruption, or a violent drug raid gone wrong. Of course, one can find stories of other horrific crimes perpetuated by non-police officers – sometimes against police officers – as well, but the storyline of needing protection from the protectors is particularly disturbing. The increase in these sad and enraging stories follows closely the increased militarization of mentality, equipment, weapons, and personnel of the occupying police forces in America. Are stories of police violence the new shark attacks that sell ads for news agencies or is there a serious problem?

Today, the militarization is complete to such a degree Read the rest of this entry »

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If a Tree Falls in the Forest and Nobody Is There to See It…

Posted by PintofStout on 21st December 2007

…Can it still get a speeding ticket?  In the City of Cleveland the answer is yes.  In an increasing number of places cameras and remote detection systems are becoming more and more common.

The feeling of seeing the police car pull out behind you or pull a risky stunt-like, smokey u-turn in the road to follow behind you is a bad feeling, but at least you get to look the asshole in the eye (can a brown-eye have eyes?).  When you receive the ticket in the mail, on the other hand, the feeling is that much worse because there is no readily identifiable prick behind the act.  I recently had the anti-joy of experiencing “traffic safety” from afar compliments of the City of Cleveland – as if people needed any more reason not to go there.

The thought that there may now be less police on traffic duty is comforting, especially since I firmly believe them to be more of a hazard- even just sitting on the side of the road, accentuated by a parade of red lights from the sudden braking – than anything resembling helpful.  But the need for police personnel hasn’t diminished.  Like every other bastard agency of the pathetic philosophy of government, police forces are perpetually crying for more money.  So where are all these policemen needed?  Why at your local neighborhood random checkpoint, of course!  You know, those places these perversions of justice like to gather and bukkake all over our human dignity (nevermind rights) like spider monkeys.

Fuck them all.

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