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Fair Weather

Posted by PintofStout on 10th August 2011

The heat wave that has lingered oppressively for what seems like most of the summer has finally broken. I can joyously sit on my back deck under the shade of the protruding oak tree and write furiously – before everyone else returns – while enjoying a cold beer. I’m not even sweating through my shirt while I see how fast I can dehydrate! Yippeee!

There are a million thoughts of relief dancing through my mind right now. It is enjoyable to be outside again. On the breeze, I can almost smell the Canfield Fair (or the Mahoning County Fair, for the purists), which, just a day or two before, was unthinkable. Now, I can feel the approach of The Fair in the majestic height of the Koch’s corn down the street or with the ambling gait of the cows on my way home from work. Whenever I see a tractor, I am taken to my favorite area of The Fair – the Antique Tractor exhibit. There are many fantastic aspects of The Fair – the sameness of some buildings that just doesn’t get old even after years and years and years, the food, the animals, the humungous horse teams that shake the ground as they pass into the ring, steam engines and old machinery, and of course the old tractors.

The old tractors lined up unceremoniously like a parking lot for geriatric machines is a fascinating look into engineering and history. Some tractors are lovingly and meticulously restored to their original beauty,and some are just as old and beat up as can be – incomplete, even – and there’s merit in the entire spectrum. The mechanics were simple so farmer’s could fix the problems themselves (who could afford the repair – or the down-time!), some even used parts that could interchange with regular household items such as an old coffee can or mason jar. It would be pretty difficult to overstate the impact these machines had on the family farmer. There would be nothing else but family farms, essentially, without the tractor (slavery was cheating). Some old pickup trucks fall into the same category as these tractors, but you don’t see many of those displayed for this purpose. The placement of the front wheels, the size and style of tire (some rubber, some steel), the height the tractor sat, the outside drive for running additional machinery, and the general shape of the tractor could indicate it’s main purpose. For instance, the tractors with lots of round bodywork covering the wheels and the cockpit, for lack of a better term, usually sat lower to the ground and were used for orchards to prevent damaging the trees by snagging branches. There is much to glean from these beautiful and fascinating machines if one takes the time to look. There is so much to talk about in the history and engineering of tractors and farm machinery, but I am but an amateur observer who knows nothing, like glancing at the cover of a large book.

The anticipation came in with the cooler weather hinting at fall. County fairs tell a tale of americana that centers around agriculture and spreads right through history to our more consumer-centric culture of today. I can’t wait to go partake of this celebration (and a few sausage sandwiches!).

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Monopoly on Violence

Posted by PintofStout on 10th February 2011

What scares the people at the heart of our governments the most? Is it other governments? I hardly think so. How about the very people over which they claim authority (who they claim assent to their rule, but still feel the need to arm themselves heavily against them)?  Yeah, they are pretty afraid of them. Generally, the current institution of the federal government, or even the local and state governments, aren’t afraid a small group of armed and pissed people are going to bring the whole thing down. But, some of their personal stake in the institutions may be affected by bad publicity or possibly death.  That is why when a group starts to form or accumulate too much fire power something is done, whether there are laws being broken or not.

Regardless of the rhetoric that comes from any politician or parasite latched on to the leviathan, if they could get away with taking guns out of the hands of their “subjects”, they would. The Second Amendment has been under assault by people trying to simply go around it like rabid linebackers after the limping quarterback behind it.  Since the Second Amendment has done an honorable job of protecting the quarterback, other methods are employed. Agent provocateurs could infiltrate the huddle and call an illegal play, thus opening up the lanes for the blitz. (Alright, I got to quit the football metaphors). If the uppity prole collecting guns and allies can’t be lured into something illegal to open the door for arrest, apparently, the police will just search your car and home and confiscate the guns without charging you, as the did in Ohio this week.

Not only did this guy have lots of guns and ammo, but some of them were “assault weapons” (booga! booga!).  And if that didn’t scare you enough, he was a religious person outside of mainstream religion! The linked article doesn’t mention it, but the late news last night in Youngstown easily (and often) characterized him as a “leader of a religious sect”, a phrase that doesn’t court expectations of reasonableness or normalcy.  So what was this guy’s plan for all these guns? Was he raising an army of homeless to go take down the government? Whatever it is he had planned for them, so far he is completely within the law. “He has not been charged with a crime, The Plain Dealer reported. City officials said Tuesday that Henry voluntarily admitted himself to Lutheran Hospital for an evaluation.”

So he can be incarcerated by our mental health regime for having views outside of the mainstream, either in regards to religion/spirituality or his reason for stockpiling guns. The odds of getting his weapons back are probably only lightly greater than if they were stolen by traditional thieves. This will be an interesting story as details emerge. A commenter mentioned the BATFE was involved, possibly due to an unlicensed dealer rap, but we’ll have to see.


The last well-armed religious sect

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Zoning Strikes Another Blow

Posted by PintofStout on 7th January 2010

Perusing the local paper’s website today for the foolishly ridiculous took only a few seconds to find the following story: Campbell lawmaker says gun prohibition takes away rights.
The headline is dangerously misleading and has very, very little to do with the actual story; rather it appears to be aimed at the discrediting of the lawmaker, who I would guess is unpopular at this paper. While the legislation does indeed interfere with rights*, the fact that this councilwoman said so is moot.

The headline should read “Policy-making Patsies Prevent Production in Prototypical Pandering Performance”. Ok, maybe not, but it is all true. This “emergency” legislation took away a person’s opportunity to add some productive service to his community. Zoning laws had already made this man’s opening of a firearms repair business more difficult, the council then sought to make it impossible. Based on the comments under the article, the council is surely pandering to the police force (who’d have imagined the police want a disarmed populace?) and other weak-kneed, uninformed citizens.

The fact that this person had thought to ask permission of government to try and make a living is repulsive. Governments create jobs?! HAHAHAHAHA! That’s laughable. This unidentified man should refuse to pay his property tax because he cannot use his property the way he sees fit; a way that does absolutely no harm to the people around him. Is the City of Cambell also going to become a dry town, not allowing the sale of alcohol to protect its citizens from the vastly more dangerous threat it causes? Or ban the sale of automobiles or hammers or stairs, since all of these things are very dangerous tools? Perhaps the practicing of law should be outlawed; we all know how dangerous a lawyer can be!

Even though this story is mostly focused on guns, I won’t rehash all the pro-and anti-gun arguments. I will say in closing, though, that prohibiting the sale of guns wouldn’t likely prohibit the sale of service on guns. Maybe this person has a case, after all.

*Read The Law of Conservation of Rights to see why rights cannot be taken away.

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Justice Is Blind – Or Has a Huge Blind Spot

Posted by PintofStout on 16th July 2009

In Cabaret Touches No-No Zone back in May, I told of an adult establishment shut down by police after a raid resulting in drug and theft charges. The club drew the attention of police after running into trouble for zoning violations concerning a banner hung outside the club and were under constant scrutiny thereafter. Two months later police officals are denying placing targets on any businesses.

In Cops Place No Targets On X-rated Businesses, Austintown Police Chief Bob Gavalier, the jurisdiction where the Go-Go Cabaret was located, remarked in the latest story, “…though no other adult businesses in the township are being targeted specifically, it’s important to keep eyes and ears open” (quote is from the article not a direct quote of Mr. Gavalier). No other businesses?  Seems like The Vindicator mixed up the headline.

So the tools used to close the business were not related to the nature of the business, but drugs, mostly. Does that mean other establishments wherein drugs are an issue should also be closed?  I’ll offer as an example Howland High School. From this 2001 Vindicator article: “Students think that high school teachers do not do enough to stop drug use in schools, according to an independent poll done by a Howland High School student.” This is the same accusation that closed Mr. Ricci’s business, yet schools continue to be open and recieve more and more loot from the government.  And children are forced to attend and be in that environment. Think of the children and close down the schools!

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Cabaret Touches a No-No Zone

Posted by PintofStout on 21st May 2009

In relation to yesterday’s post about the governmental mafioso wielding the club of zoning laws to close a business, today’s post is also another story from the same front of the War on Business powermongers in the Youngstown area are waging on local establishments.  The Go-Go Cabaret probably stepped on a few toes just by trying to exist in the first place, but it was some silliness about the size of a banner they hung outside their establishment that allowed the authorities to get their foot in the door.  Since then the club owner feels as if a vendetta has been carried out against him.  From the Youngstown Vindicator:

[Sebastian] Rucci [the club owner] said he believes the Go Go has been unfairly targeted for months — retaliation by the township for issues with signage and lighting.

Personally, I find nothing as dangerous and irresponsible as undermining a bunch of blow-hard’s sense of control lighting and signage outside of regulation.

“There was justifiable reason for the club to be closed, and it’s been an ongoing problem for the township,” [Lisa Oles, township trustee chairwoman] said. “We like to promote business in the township, but not at the expense of our residents’ well-being.”

(Sounds like someone could use a lapdance!)

Unlike yesterday’s targeted business, the zoning laws were but temporary, non-lethal weapons in this War on Business; once the signs and lighting were removed it was a much harder target.  That is why weapons from a much “hotter” war were deployed.  I’m talking, of course, on the wide-sweeping War on [Some] Drugs.  (They throw in some prostitution, too, for the puritan crowd.)  Based on complaints from the red-faced nannies in this community (the club is far from any residence and is nestled next to a major interstate off-ramp) who blush at the thought of such vices as a mutual, voluntary, but unsanctioned exchange, a veritable invasion force embarked on a raid of the club looking for chemicals of all kinds.  The selective weapons of the War on Drugs are not blunt instruments; they have the accuracy of smart bombs.  At any given bar from the hole in the wall neighborhood joint to the kitchens of chain restaraunts, drugs could be found on any given night.  This time the thugs had a specific target, though.

So as the nation collectively moans about the economy going to crap, I beg them to think of all the business and commerce being openly opposed by those in the business of force.  Government holds the monopoly on force, and business is good.

For other stories about this on, here are the search results I used to find three stories regarding the Go-Go Cabaret:

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Sour Grapes

Posted by PintofStout on 20th May 2009

The economy is collapsing like an 800-pound gorilla on balsa stilts (wearing an Uncle Sam getup, no less).  Most everyone, including the governments at all levels but the top, are feeling the pinch as business slows.  Businesses that are “too big to fail” are dropping one after the other, and small businesses and entrepreneurs are struggling as much or more.  Many people in this situation turn to the government to “do something,”  anything,  to solve the crisis – and not in a “you made the mess; you clean it up” kind of way, either.  In the Youngstown area, this apparently means forcefully trying to close a business because it isn’t in the proper zoning district.  From the Youngstown Vindicator article:

On Nov. 3, 2008, Judge Durkin, of Mahoning County Common Pleas Court, issued a permanent injunction barring operation of the winery in its lakefront location off Southeast River Road, which is zoned as a residential district.

The injunction followed Judge Durkin’s October ruling that the winery cannot validly claim to be an agricultural land use that is exempt from township zoning regulations.

Perhaps they should claim to be cultivating alcohol from the sugar in the grape juice, or even cultivating fertilizer since they started a business and bullshit just pops up!

It is no surprise that zoning ordinance billed as being for your protection really aren’t – unless, of course, you are the owner of an established business with established political ties.  Governmental interference in commerce via zoning, tax, regulations, prohibitions, and accounting laws may as well be the weight tied to the people’s ankles as they try to tread the water that the Federal Reserve just keeps releasing as they open the flood gates further and further open.  My hometown’s economic landscape isn’t any deeper under the water than most, but the residents have been wading through this stagnant filthy water for so long, they seem to thirst for it.

I guess I’ll have to make a trip to partonize this winery in the near future.

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The Dogged Determination of Our “Heroes”

Posted by PintofStout on 17th April 2009

This one hits close to home as it was first seen in my morning newspaper.

Rad Geek expounds upon 13 Shots to Kill a Puppy:

Officer Ryan Laatsch was already waving his gun around at the time, so instead he fired off 12 shots into the dog’s body. Then, apparently, he got up close and fired a 13th shot into the dog’s head at point blank range, in order to confirm the kill.

“Hero”:  I do not think that means what you think it means.

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